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Borrowing from his 10 plus years of owning multiple successful businesses in Alberta and the US, Robert knows what it takes to help get his clients the value they are looking for in a real estate professional.  As an avid investor, he also understands how to maximize profits during all your transactions. Whether you are a first-time buyer, or a seasoned investor, Robert will work with you to unlock your true potential when dealing in real estate.

Having never accepted "ordinary" as a way of doing anything in his life, in his spare time your can find Robert on the top of the Rocky Mountains, swimming with sharks at the bottom of oceans, or fully immersing himself in the culture of people he connects with while visiting far away lands.

Rooted in his compassionate values first, Robert would prefer to be known as your friend, rather than your agent.  This extends to all lives as Robert is proudly considered a plant-based person.  Meaning: all his commissions are considered "cruelty free", a very important distinction for Robert and his family.

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